Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vegas Vacation

YouTube - Vegas Vacation - The Cheap Buffet

YouTube - Griswold family Vegas Vacation.

'Vacation' sequel: Does the link to the original hurt or help this movie?
Entertainment Weekly
As Vegas Vacation reinforced, the Griswold films are hardly sacred territory, so I'm not upset by New Line's intentions. But why make a "Vacation" film at ...

Two Trips Down Memory Lane
Casino City Times
Typically, full-page magazine ads would tout a virtually free Las Vegas vacation. Prices and packages varied, but one standard was priced at $398. ...

No refund for canceled Vegas vacation
An editorial cartoon roundup by Daryl Cagle depicting the trials and tribulations of air travel. A magical city known as the 'City of Love' and the 'City of ...

Movies/tv's 3R's 10.13.09: Marlon Wayans, Jamie Foxx, Texas Chainsaw, Paris ...
Vegas Vacation? Ok, fine, ignore all the news media that act like this new movie is the "follow-up" to the original Vacation. Anyways, the new Vacation will ...

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