Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Fourth Kind

YouTube - The Fourth Kind Alien Abduction Movie HD Trailer

YouTube - 'The Fourth Kind' Trailer HD

"The Fourth Kind" Deals With Alien Abductions
"The Fourth Kind" is the first major work of Joe Carnahan's protege- Olantunde Osunsanmi. The movie has been re-enacted based on the footage of a ...

New Pics from '2012,' 'Saw VI,' 'The Fourth Kind,' 'Daybreakers' and More
... missed a few of them such as full galleries for 2012 and The Fourth Kind or full-size posters for Daybreakers, The Lovely Bones and Edge of Darkness. ...

The Fourth Kind Abducts Fans on Facebook and Twitter
The upcoming alien abduction movie, The Fourth Kind, isn't your typical Hollywood extraterrestrial sci-fi alien movie. ...

Rough 'N' Ready Screen Scares Prove Potent Again
Like Paranormal Activity and the upcoming thriller The Fourth Kind — about UFOs and alien abduction — it's got a jumpy, urgent, naturalistic aesthetic. ...

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