Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Crucible


YouTube - Fable 2: The Crucible

Crucible was the best ... bar none
The Star
One remembers the early days of the Crucible when the long bar was a venue on the weekend circuit and in whose restaurant I developed a taste for mousakka. ...

Rich Lowry: Obama's Bush-bashing reveals much about the new president
Sacramento Bee
Obama in the crucible is exhibiting an oddly self-pitying arrogance. It's unbecoming in anyone, let alone the most powerful man on the planet. ...

Intensity of Philly fans awaits Dodgers
PHILADELPHIA - This is the crucible that will determine whether the young Dodgers are worthy of reaching the World Series. ...

New Crucible owner says his company's in it for long haul
The Post-Standard - Syracuse.com
JP Industries created a new company, Crucible Industries LLC, to buy the Crucible Specialty Metals plant for $8 million in bankruptcy auction. ...

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