Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bride Of Chucky

YouTube - Bride of Chucky Trailer

YouTube - Tiffany; The Bride Of Chucky.

AMC, I am disappointed in you. (blog)
Willard, The Shinning, Night of the Living Dead, Pupet Masters, Raising Cane, The Bride of Chucky, the Halloween series etc, were all asked for by the ...

Top 17 Poker Babes
... career winnings in excess of $450000, Tilly, of course, will always have a place in our hearts for such fine films as Bound and, errrr, Bride of Chucky. ...

The Top 10 Sexiest Horror Films (satire) (blog)
Bride Of Chucky - Man, Jennifer Tilly makes that badonkadonk work. Sure, it's kind of creepy watching her suck face with a psychopathic doll, ...

Cinematic Happenings Under Development
The series changed into a parody of itself by the end of its run and while both Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky are brilliant in their own comedic ways, ...

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