Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rebel Without A Cause

YouTube - Rebel Without a Cause

YouTube - Rebel Without A Cause Trailer

dBusinessNews Dallas (press release)
DALLAS/FORT WORTH - From James Dean's portrayal of a troubled teen looking for love in Rebel Without a Cause to Ellen Paige's sweet depiction of a pregnant ...

Rebel without a car?
Los Angeles Times
James Dean, who drove a '49 Mercury to fame in the 1955 movie "Rebel Without a Cause," must be spinning in his grave. Part of the reason could be economic, ...

Jimmy Dean delves into lives of members of one small-town fan club
James Dean is the focus for her fascination, and the famous rebel without a cause shares many similarities with her. In fact, we soon learn that the title ...

Hopper: Nicolson stole my women
Ireland Online
Hopper also gained another important thing from 'Rebel Without a Cause' – acting lessons from his co-star the late James Dean. He added: "As an actor, ...

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