Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saw 2

YouTube - Sponge bob playing saw 2

YouTube - Saw 2 - Trailer

Costas Mandylor/Hoffman Tobin Bell/Jigsaw Betsy Russell/Jill
Although nowhere near the genius that was Part 1 and Part 3, or the fun ride that was SAW 2 (aka CUBE knock-off); it was at least more satisfying than Part ...

Review: Saw VI
Easily the best entry since Saw 2, the sixth chapter picks up in a simple enough location: Jigsaw is, of course, still dead, but his influence is felt ...

US EARNINGS WRAP: GE Profit Down 42%; Bank Of America In Red
Wall Street Journal
North American saw 2% growth amid a seasonal recovering in Canada. Margins likely bottomed in the quarter, but Chairman and CEO Dave Lesar say they will ...

SAW 6 Movie Review
The original SAW had a story and an ending that left you crying 'Holy Sh*T' and just like SAW 2, 3, 4 and 5... SAW 6 does not do that. ...

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