Friday, October 30, 2009

Snake Eyes

YouTube - GI JOE Snake Eyes Vs Storm Shadow

YouTube - Battlefield Bad Company - Snake Eyes

This Halloween, boys are all beefcake
Philadelphia Inquirer
GI Joe Snake Eyes reveals bulging biceps and toned torso. Stormtroopers look like Paul Bunyans - on steroids. "Every little boy wants to be big and buff," ...

Exclusive: GI Joe AR Sneak Peek
When prompted, you just hold up the box to your webcam and you'll see Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow appear on your monitor on top of the box, ...

GI Joe: Snake Eyes #1 Review
October 21, 2009 - It's tough to argue with the basic premise behind GI Joe: Snake Eyes #1. Ray Park, the actor who played Snake-Eyes in ...

Editorial: Pay now and later
Philadelphia Inquirer
Thanks to the easy-credit provision, you could be back rolling snake eyes without leaving either of the two temporary, windowless, corrugated buildings ...

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