Friday, October 16, 2009


YouTube - Letterman - Borat (Full Interview) - 10/30/2006

YouTube - Borat Interview on (American) CNN

Sacha Baron Cohen becomes real-life hero
The Borat star refused to identify himself before meeting up to hand over the pup. He simply told her, "I'm very tall and my fiancee is really tiny. ...

Golly, the Hun should be black, white and red (faced) all over
As for the arguments about the long history of the golliwog, it's reminiscent of the scene in Borat in which Sacha Baron Cohen's gormless protagonist ...

Sacha Baron Cohen Delivers Rescued Dog Personally
LimeLife (blog)
And when you go to pick it up, who's standing there but Borat? OK, well Sacha Baron Cohen, really. That's what happened to one couple! According to E! ...

Monotonix taking minimalist to max
Philadelphia Inquirer
As Sacha Baron Cohen in his Borat character might say, the backstory on Tel Aviv's Monotonix is "very nize." American indie-rock act ...

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