Saturday, October 17, 2009

Red Cliff

YouTube - alan / RED CLIFF 〜心・戦〜

YouTube - Red Cliff (new trailer - Engsub)

Red Cliff review
TV3 News
Red Cliff is already a record-breaking box office hit in China, and after making the cut at several big film festivals, including the New Zealand ...

Nanika announces commencement of work programme at Red Cliff East property
Trading Markets (press release)
The property is located in the Stewart mining camp of north-western British Columbia and is adjacent to the Decade Resources Inc's Red Cliff Project. ...

Vail Daily photo: Man of the Cliff
Vail Daily News
Vail Valley photos: Matt Gemmill, one of Man of the Cliff's event organizers, practices throwing axes Wednesday in Red Cliff. VAIL VALLEY, Colorado — Man of ...

Chinese film "Red Cliff" debuts at Chicago film festival
Woo said Red Cliff was released in two parts in Asian cinemas, totaling more than four hours in length. A version two and half hours in length was released ...

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