Friday, October 30, 2009

New Moon Clips

YouTube - New Moon clips - Scream Awards 2009

YouTube - [Twilight Tuesday]: Thriller zombies, New Moon clips, and excitement.

Taylor Lautner and New Moon Wolf Pack Feast on Footage
Although the constant stream of New Moon clips won't be slowing down any Twilight time soon , many Twilight sequel clips now seem to all blend into one. ...

New Pattinson/Bower New Moon Clips
Harry Potter's Page
The advertising for Robert Pattinson's (Cedric Diggory) Twilight Saga: New Moon is getting hot and heavy with the film's release date fast approaching ...

Latest New Moon Clip: Edward And Company Vs. The Volturi!
X17 Online (blog)
Ahh, all these New Moon clips are making us so incredibly excited for the film's November 20 release! The latest snippet features Edward, Bella and Alice ...

Video of Ryan Gosling Singing, J Lo's Crazy Hair, New Moon Clips! (blog)
Plus, new New Moon clips show Edward and Bella's kisses as well as the scoop on Nick Jonas's new solo venture and a peek at Jimmy Choo for H&M. ...

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