Friday, October 9, 2009

Tropic Thunder

YouTube - Tropic Thunder Tom Cruise Dance

YouTube - Tropic Thunder - Robert Downey Jr. plays a black guy...?

Jack Black and other once-good actors who suck
Finally, I had watched him in Ben Stiller's 2008 comedy hit Tropic Thunder, where he played a subordinate role to Robert Downey Jr and Stiller himself. ...

Downey Jr 'empty' after Thunder
Robert Downey Jr has revealed that his role in Tropic Thunder was so overwhelming that it left him "empty" when filming ended. ...

Robert Downey Jr's a journalist again in The Soloist
Last year he earned a second Oscar nomination for his outrageous comedy role in Tropic Thunder – his first came in 1992 for Chaplin – and he was the star ...

Jay Leno gets comedy help from… Kate Gosselin?
Is this offensive to you? Blackface, done in the right circumstances, can be funny if done right -- which is rare. Tropic Thunder is one such example. ...

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