Thursday, October 1, 2009


YouTube - 2001 - Swordfish - Trailer

YouTube - Swordfish interview process

Haleron Swordfish Net 102 Dual netbook available
Haleron has a netbook called the Swordfish Net 102 Dual that is not more of the same. The big difference between the Swordfish Dual netbook is that the ...

South Florida fishing report
During the Miami Swordfish Tournament, the charter boat Superstition finished first with the release of two swordfish. Locals Vinny Delgado and Nelson ...

Vongerichten's latest venture keeps it local
Boston Globe
"He's a good cutter,'' he says at the Globe Fish Co. after the knife-wielding employee has transformed the whole swordfish into steaks. ...

Underwater Pumpkin Carving at the Tennessee Aquarium
A Swordfish? Nah. Turns out they'd use a knife just like everyone else. To celebrate the arrival of Halloween month, a couple of divers donned costumes and ...

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