Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Mummy

YouTube - The Mummy 1959 Hammer Horror Trailer

YouTube - The Mummy Trailer

The 'mummy's boy' held after his parents are knifed to death at ...
Daily Mail
The son held over the brutal murders of his retired teacher parents was a 'Mummy's Boy' who had refused to leave home ...

Ripped From the Journals: The Biggest Discoveries of the Week
Discover Magazine
The doctor found an ovarian tumor (the mummy was preserved with its organs intact) and pronounced it the cause of death, but the new study refutes that ...

Mummy autopsy result 'was wrong'
BBC News
Following Dr Granville's autopsy only fragments of the mummy's tissues remained. But analysis by the UCL team has found traces of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ...

Philadelphia Inquirer
The Mummy (6 pm, Syfy) - Sometimes adding a bunch of special effects to a classic monster-movie franchise messes things up. Not so with this 1999 take on ...

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