Friday, October 2, 2009


YouTube - Hurricane - Bob Dylan

YouTube - Bob Dylan - Hurricane Music Video

State approves hurricane recovery plan; federal review next
Houston Chronicle
Leaders of Gulf Coast Interfaith, a nonprofit group assisting hurricane victims, said the changes represented a modest improvement. ...

Tweeting Masses Shine in New Hurricane Katrina
It's a good thing, given how clueless the government was in what's being called the nation's Hurricane Katrina. Critics are right to invoke US incompetence ...

A hurricane hit my hotel -- where's my refund?
(Tribune Media Services) -- Kristin Budden's hotel promises her a refund for her nonrefundable hotel room after a hurricane strikes. ...

Mild hurricane season won't save homeowners from higher insurance ...
Hurricane season has spared Florida homeowners so far this year, but they'll have trouble dodging a more imminent ...

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