Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Full Metal Jacket

YouTube - Full Metal Jacket auf bayrisch - Full Metal Jack'n

YouTube - Reenactment #23: Full Metal Jacket [Request #3 of List #1]

Full metal jacket procedures demonstrate safety out to three years
Cardiology Today
Full metal jacket percutaneous coronary interventional procedures with drug-eluting stents appear safe out to, and even beyond, three years, results of an ...

How Mean Are Drill Sergeants?
... speak-up-you-maggot taskmasters of the popular imagination, such as Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket, who gently explains to his recruits, ...

Letterman, Polanski, and other icky celebrity news
Globe and Mail
So says the twitchy hooker in Full Metal Jacket , speaking, in a sense, about what men are allowed to do or say about women. This week, it was reported that ...

Theatre Review (LA): Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas by Blair Singer
Blogcritics.org (blog)
The man has done some amazing movies, starting with the remarkable Birdy, followed by Vision Quest, Full Metal Jacket, Married to The Mob, and Gross Anatomy ...

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