Friday, October 9, 2009

Blair Witch Project

YouTube - How the Blair Witch Project Should Have Ended

YouTube - The Blair Witch Project trailer (1999)

Suggestion powers 'Paranormal Activity' phenom
The Associated Press
LOS ANGELES — The no-budget ghost story "Paranormal Activity" arrives 10 years after "The Blair Witch Project," and the two horror movies share more than a ...

Blair Witch Project': Still scary after all these years
Kansas City Star
Producer Robin Cowie remembers showing "The Blair Witch Project" to some friends of his father's, investors and potential investors, in his dad's basement. ...

Get Tickets For Paranormal Activity, This Decade's Blair Witch Project ...
Houston Press
​Paranormal Activity is this century's Blair Witch Project -- a horror movie whose budget couldn't even afford shoestrings, ...

Tenth Anniversary Sequel to The Blair Witch Project in the Works
Paste Magazine
The creative team behind 1999's cult hit The Blair Witch Project is celebrating its ...

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