Thursday, October 8, 2009

Apollo 13

YouTube - Apollo 13- Original Theatrical Trailer

YouTube - Apollo 13 Launch

Apollo 13 flight director receives Prep alumni award
Scranton Times
Glynn Lunney, a 40-year NASA veteran and member of the Apollo 13 mission control team, received the Rev. T. Donald Rinfret, SJ, ...

Maybe The Recession Isn't Over
Apollo 13 Economy. Because I'm not so sure we're in a recovery, I'm going to throw a new term into the hat. I'm saying that we're in an Apollo 13 economy. ...

James Horner's Avatar Score Promises to Be 'Hugely Cinematic'
First Showing (blog)
... talking about composer James Horner (known for his work on movies like Braveheart, Apollo 13, Titanic) and his score for Avatar. ...

Free to move about the cabin
Explore Howard County
The flight path is the same method used to film some of the space scenes in the 1995 Ron Howard film, "Apollo 13," aboard a NASA aircraft affectionately ...

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