Saturday, September 12, 2009


YouTube - Boss Hog - "Whiteout" City Slang Records

YouTube - Whiteout Cast interview #2

Movie review: 'Whiteout' doesn't heat up
Salt Lake Tribune
Kate Beckinsale stars as Carrie Stetko, the lone US Marshall assigned to Antarctica, in "Whiteout." The swirling winds and pallid snow ...

Above: Murder at the bottom of the world in "Whiteout"
"30 Days of Night" and "Whiteout" have a few things in common: both are set in chilly climates with characters about to be trapped by the onset on winter; ...

E-mail This Going Out Guide Profile to a Friend
Washington Post
Sign In or Register "Whiteout" is so staggeringly bad that it achieves a kind of transcendent poetry. It's ignorant of how things are in the real world, ...

Faith and family review: Whiteout
Oregon Faith Report
Lackluster thriller in which a federal marshal (Kate Beckinsale) and a UN official (Gabriel Macht) investigate a series of murders in Antarctica, ...

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