Sunday, September 27, 2009

Children Of The Corn

YouTube - Children of the Corn 2009 Review by Derek aka That Damned Reviewer

YouTube - Children Of The Corn (2009) - Official Trailer (SyFy Original Movie)

One of the motivations for writer/director/producer Donald P. Borchers to do the CHILDREN OF THE CORN remake that just aired on Syfy was to create an ...

Children of the Corn 2009
Sept 27, 2009: Children of the Corn 2009. By now you already know that the Weinstein Company have announced that a third entry in their rebooted "Halloween" ...

'Children of the Corn' Remake Trailer
... the trailer and a short 'sneak peak' for this Syfy Saturday's flick, a remake of the 1984 film based on the Stephen King story, Children of the Corn. ...

Saturday's Highlights
Los Angeles Times
CREEPY: David Anders stars in the new made-for-TV remake of Stephen King's chilling short story 'Children of the Corn,' at 9 pm on SyFy. ...

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