Monday, September 28, 2009

The Strangers

YouTube - "The Strangers" Trailer (Better Lock Your Doors!)

YouTube - St. Vincent - The Strangers

A Full Tour of Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights!
Guests walk through the maze tormented by anonymous, grinning mask-wearing psychos (some in my group thought they looked like The Strangers). ...

Brooke Wilberger's death inspires education
Then show your child the pictures and ask them if they can pick out the strangers. Most immediately choose the punk rocker and the biker. ...

In-Depth: All in the Family
FOX 9 News
Pat says it's much better relying on family and trusted friends than the strangers who used to come to her house. "I had people that would tell me they ...

Awakening sleeping beauty
Malaysia Star
To do so she must gather the 12 Strangers, psychics with the ability to manipulate an element at will, and the 12 God Stones, conduits of the Strangers' ...

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