Saturday, September 12, 2009

Charlie Wilson's War

YouTube - Charlie Wilson's War - trailer

YouTube - Charlie Wilson's War - Trailer(HD) Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts

Return to Sorkinland: Charlie Wilson's War Reviewed
Willamette Week
Talk about your bad timing: Charlie Wilson's War, the most anticipated holiday movie within WW offices, screened for critics just one hour after our press ...

The 'You lie!' aftermath
Ethiopian Review
(Ohio congressman Charlie Wilson, with no relation to Joe Wilson—or to Texas politician Charlie Wilson of the movie "Charlie Wilson's War"—has since been ...

Obama As Charlie Wilson?
Washington Post
Twenty-five years ago, Afghanistan was the setting for "Charlie Wilson's War," chronicled in George Crile's book and the movie of the same name. ...

American History Zzzz: National Treasure: Book of Secrets Reviewed
Willamette Week
Like Charlie Wilson's War, it addresses American politics. Unlike Charlie Wilson's War, it is mind-bogglingly stupid. Director John Turteltaub's treasure ...

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