Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sex Drive

YouTube - Sex Drive (15) ***

YouTube - Sex Drive: Funniest Parts (Part 1)

Men's Sex Lives May Suffer on Hepatitis C Therapy
ABC News
Prior to treatment, 37 percent reported mild impairment in their sex drive, 26 percent reported erectile dysfunction, 22 percent reported ejaculation ...

Five ways to deal with his low sex drive
Times of India
It might be hard to accept, but your husband might be grappling with low sex drive. Listed below are the most common reasons for his disinterest and how you ...

Sex, fitness, and the city: Sexercise
Most men focus on training their upper body, but if they actually worked their lower body, they would see increases in their sex drive. ...

Tips For Men In Preventing Infertility
RH Reality Check
Drinking, smoking or drug abuse is another contributor, they can damage sperm production, reduce sex drive. Smoking cigarettes affects reproductive function ...

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