Friday, September 18, 2009


YouTube - Operation Valkyrie

YouTube - VALKYRIE - Teaser Trailer

Brad Pitt Will Not Sink to the Level of Hating on Tom Cruise
E! Online
"Brad has never seen Valkyrie, so this is not accurate," his manager told tabloid of record Us Weekly. Which, if we wanted to stir things up, ...

Frances finds press hat fits
North Queensland Register
Now even though she and her husband Doug have sold their marital home Valkyrie Station and moved to a small property near Mackay, she can still be found in ...

"UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie": I Don't Even Want to Bother Lifting ...
Toon Zone
Valkyrie is an angelic Norse goddess alien girl, who's engaged to a nondescript Asian boy in Japan. Together, they engage in the wacky antics ...

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