Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thelma and Louise

The Pervasiveness of Pornography
San Francisco Chronicle
... Sadie, Myrna (the Myrnas, actually, are quite pretty), Ida . . . Actually Thelma gives you lots of stills from THELMA AND LOUISE. But that's the only one.

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VIDEO DISH: Alec Baldwin asks Tom Cruise to take a $29-million pay cut! Katie ...
Los Angeles Times
"Why couldn't there be a sequel to 'Thelma and Louise'? Give me one good reason why," he asked, as the audience tittered. He even has the title. ...

Milwaukee County Zoo's Tigers Named
The zoo held a contest for the best names for the tiger twins and received 1805 entries, including Thelma and Louise. The woman who came up with the winning ...

Leighton Meester And Amber Heard Are Cowgirl Bandits
Cinema Blend
When you hear "a young version of Thelma and Louise," shouldn't you just think of the original, actual Thelma and Louise? ...

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