Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday The 13th

Game notes from an ugly Friday the 13th
FREAKY FRIDAYS: Forget that it was Friday the 13th, the Celtics haven't had much luck on any Friday in November thus far. For the second straight week, ...

Pavelec, Thrashers turn Friday the 13th into a nightmare for Kings
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Friday the 13th in Thrasherville. But tonight, in this horror movie, the killer behind the goalie mask wasn't named Jason… it was Opie. ...

Phoenix Chase chances, Friday the 13th edition
Here on Friday the 13th, why not take a look at the most taboo of numbers and its history on the doors of NASCAR Cup Series stock cars. ...

Weekly Weird News Roundup: Friday the 13th Edition!
Discover Magazine
Today is Friday the 13th—again. It's the third and final time that Friday falls on the 13th this year. Yep, three times a year is rare, happening only once ...

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