Thursday, November 19, 2009

Land of the Lost

Ferrell Is Not Worth His Cost
If Forbes had it their way, Will Ferrell would not be starring in "Land of the Lost." Instead, he would be sentenced to the land of the lost, the land of ...

Meet The Movie Star of The Future
Just look at recent box office stinkers like Land of the Lost (staring Will Ferrell) and The Box (staring Cameron Diaz). DVD sales, which once protected ...

Hollywood's Leading Financier Will Calculate For Food
Movieline (blog)
And yet even with 65000 rows of data bursting Excel's binary seams, Relativity still went in on Evan Almighty, Land of the Lost and Cirque du Freak. ...

The world's most overpaid movie stars
The Star-Ledger -
Which isn't to say "Land of the Lost" would have made money if labeouf was in it, of course, even if it had Megan Fox as a prehistoric cavewoman. ...

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