Sunday, August 23, 2009


YouTube - Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral - 1938 Match Race

YouTube - Seabiscuit Trailer (Disney/Non Disney Style)

Top 10 Ways Seabiscuit Was Like a Teenager
The Star-Ledger -
Seabiscuit aired on TNT last night. Great movie. Great story. As I thought about this remarkable horse, I found myself thinking about my ...

On TV: Reality, Non-Reality and Everything Between
Washington Post
he made a point, when asked about The Paula Question and how much Simon and Seabiscuit were making, of saying he thought Simon and Seabiscuit would be ...

Minimal sex and violence but Seabiscuit is one great film
A real story based on the trying times of the Great Depression, a former bicycle repairman, Charles Howard, owned a small horse that he called Seabiscuit. ...

Michael Jackson's Burial to Cost His Family $50K
Among Jacko's other notable neighbors are Lon Chaney Sr.; Gable's third wife, actress Carole Lombard; writer Louis L'Amour; and Seabiscuit jockey George ...

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