Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red Dawn

YouTube - Red Dawn

YouTube - Red Dawn (part 1)

Tom Cruise's son joins cast of Red Dawn remake
Now Tom Cruise's son Connor is to appear in a remake of the cold war-era teen movie Red Dawn, about a group of school kids who become guerrilla fighters to ...

Connor Cruise Scores Role in Red Dawn
The Hollywood Gossip
... what Michael's insane, wannabe baby mama says in court) is signed on for his second big-screen offering, a remake of Red Dawn, the '80s action flick. ...

Red Dawn V3 STC_15
by shalu2173 ***NOTE: "Red Dawn V3 " is for Nokia Series 40 5th Edition and newer phones* and won't install on older (3rd edition) phones. ...

Movie remakes that must never happen
San Francisco Chronicle
"Red Dawn? But the Cold War is over! Who's going to invade the country? The Taliban?!? "Red Dawn" is on my short list of remakes that should never happen. ...

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