Friday, August 14, 2009

Mean Girls

YouTube - Mean Girls Trailer

YouTube - Mean Girls - Jingle Bell Rock - Unedited

Rachel mcadams is The Time Travelers Wife
Crave Online
In two years, Rachel mcadams shot to fame with a slew of hits: Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, Red Eye and The Family Stone. ...

Vengeful angels and mean girls
On Line opinion
The "Mean Girls" category, typically involving female students, is predominately group-based. These students can be bored and looking for entertainment ...

'The Goods' moves cars, but it's crass for clunkers
News & Observer
... to the greats of the 2000s, chief among them being the Joker's jester card in "The Dark Knight" and Kevin Gnapoor's math enthusiast card in "Mean Girls. ...

Megan Fox Talks Sexy: Surprise, Surprise!
If you admired the wit in Mean Girls but the pesky PG content bored you, this Diablo Cody penned high school horror romp might hit the spot. ...

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