Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Am Legend

YouTube - 2009-08-19 棒棒堂 Lollipop 我是傳奇 special version (2009范瑋琪巡迴演唱會香港站)

YouTube - I Am Legend (2007) Trailer

I Am Legend Prequel Confirmed
Comic Book Movie
Director Francis Lawrence has confirmed there will be an I Am Legend prequel that will reveal what happened to Will Smith's character before the zombies ...

I Am Legend Week: I Am Legend
Rounding out I Am Legend week is…I Am Legend, starring Will Smith, a dog, and a lot of CG. How does the latest attempt at Richard Matheson's brilliant novel ...

Blockbuster Trailer: The Selling of 'Avatar'
New York Times
... opening sequence in theaters that were screening its film "I Am Legend," but viewers were ticketed for the main event, not just the extended trailer. ...

I Am Legend: Herbert Chapman
By 11Gunners | 14/08/09 The time machine was roaring again, yes its that time of the week again, the time to peak into the past one more time. ...

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