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YouTube - Sea Tigers sink Sri Lankan supply ship (tamilnet) hé hé

YouTube - LTTE Interview on Human Shield - BBC Tamilnet

Tamil rebels giving up
Chicago Tribune, United States
On tamilnet, a pro-Tiger Web site, the decimated rebel group said it was putting down its weapons. "This battle has reached its bitter end," rebel official Selvarasa Pathmanathan was quoted as saying in the online statement. ...To be continued.

(Photo: AP / TamilNet, HO)
Christian Post
In this handout photo released by pro-Tamil rebel linked Web site, TamilNet, a Sri Lankan ethnic Tamil man walks past a burning bus by shelling at Tiger controlled No Fire Zone in Mullivaaykaal, Sri Lanka, Sunday, May 10, 2009. ...To be continued.

No word on whereabouts of Tamil leader
Radio Australia, Australia
In a statement carried on the pro-rebel Tamilnet website, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam said the battle had reached its bitter end and that they have decided to silence their guns. There's still no independent verification if all civilans have ...To be continued.

UN mourns Sri Lanka 'bloodbath'
BBC News, UK
Mr Ilanthirayan sustained heavy injuries in an attack by the Sri Lankan army on Sunday, the pro-rebel website TamilNet said. The Sri Lankan defence ministry said a senior officer of the rebels' sea wing also died in fighting last week. ...To be continued.

SLA spree of massacre in Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal
TamilNet, Sri Lanka
None of the international agencies, insistently advocating the evacuation of civilians, were present at the scene, either to monitor or to remedy the catastrophe. tamilnet doesn't have any communication with its independent correspondents in the field ...To be continued.

Mahinda's accounts crime
TamilNet, Sri Lanka
Ever since the beginning of the creation of the so-called safety zone, TamilNet has been reporting a figure of 360000, based on local official records and the accounts of its own independent correspondent. It has always been quoting a modest a figure ...To be continued.

Sri Lanka rejects offer to yield
Atlanta Journal Constitution,  USA
On TamilNet, a pro-Tiger Web site, the decimated rebel group —- known formally as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam —- said it was putting down its weapons. "We remain with one last choice —- to remove the last weak excuse of the enemy for killing ...To be continued.

LTTE Military Spokesman Seriously Wounded By Sri Lanka Military ...
NIDAHASA News, Sri Lanka
(NIDAHASA News) LTTE Military spokesman Irasiah Ilanthirayan has sustained heavy injuries during an Sri Lanka Army Shell attack on Sunday (10) pro LTTE Tamilnet says. According to Tamilnet, Ilanthirayan gave a interview to Australian Tamil Broadcasting ...To be continued.

Minister slams biased media
Ceylon Daily News, Sri Lanka
"We totally and categorically deny this baseless and fabricated information which had been obtained from the Tamilnet website," he told the media yesterday at the MCNS. He asserted that Tamilnet was providing fabricated and biased information during ...To be continued.

Sri Lanka Invites Ban to See Aid for Tamils Displaced by War
As many as 165000 civilians are facing starvation because the government isn't allowing aid into the Wanni region and Mullaitivu district, the LTTE said two days ago, according to TamilNet, a Web site that gives reports from the Tamil perspective. ...To be continued.

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